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Looking to build and develop your skills? We hire first- to fourth-year university students with an actuarial focus for work terms in:

  • Pricing and product development
  • Reinsurance
  • Marketing
  • Valuation
  • Risk Research
  • Corporate Actuarial
  • Internal Audit
  • Human Resources

Students who aren’t enrolled in a co-op program can be considered for the various internship opportunities available throughout the year.

Actuarial New Graduate Rotational Program

While working towards completing your Fellowship of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, you’ll rotate to a different department approximately every 2 years, providing an opportunity to gain valuable experience in several areas and product lines.

You’ll work within various areas of the organization, such as Pricing and product development, Reinsurance, Marketing, Valuation, Risk Research, Corporate Actuarial, Internal Audit and Human Resources.

We offer a friendly and supportive work environment that rewards initiative and commitment. With many other students and actuaries working with you, there’s a tremendous support system in place to help guide you through exam and work challenges. Students receive paid time off to study, reimbursement of Society of Actuaries (SOA) exam fees and study materials, and access to on-site actuarial and Information Services libraries.

Actuarial positions are typically posted in January, May and September for co-op opportunities, and posted in September for internships and new graduate opportunities.